Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catch up

These last couple weeks have flown by and I have so many things I need to get caught up on, my blog being one of them! We are having a lot of fun with our boys and I am enjoying every minute (well almost every) of being home with them. Three sure keeps you busy, I knew it was going to be more difficult than two because everyone I know that has had three had warned me about how much tougher three kids is than just two. I would say the hardest part for me has been that I literally never have a free moment. There is always a kid that needs something, even when the older two go down for naps it seems that is always when Case needs fed or changed or snuggled (of course I choose to snuggle him rather than do something productive). I am REALLY tired, like the kind of tired I didn't know was even possible, but it is truly amazing having this new addition to our family so I would not trade it for anything. Colt, Jax and Case are all great little boys, they each have their own difficulties and things I struggle with but I love them all the same and I wouldn't want my life any other way right now. It is hard for me to put into words the emotions I have right now, I am really trying to live in the moment and enjoy these days no matter how tired, trying, or tough it is to be home all day with three little ones. We have been busy every weekend since Case was born with either my family or Dave's family and this coming weekend is Colt's birthday and our good friends are coming to visit. I know both Dave and I are looking forward to finally having some alone time with just us and the boys in July. We love having our families so close and they are such a huge help but we are really ready for a free weekend and looking forward to having some time to ourselves. 
I figured I should post some pictures of Mr. Case since he is changing so much right now, the kiddo is a great eater, a pretty good sleeper and the best snuggler ever!!

 Case and Colt. I need to get out some comparison baby pictures because Case looks a lot like Colt as a baby. The tongue out in every picture was exactly what Colt did as a baby too!

I figured out a way to still get my run in with a double jogger and three kids.:) It actually works great, when I have to run with all three of them I usually run with them in the jogger down to the track by my house and then let Colt and Jax play in the grass at the track while I run around the track with Case. With three active boys I figure I need to keep myself in shape ( and I need to run to stay sane:)).

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