Monday, June 6, 2011

Reading TIme!

 Reading is one of the boys favorite activities. Especially now that Case is here and he is needing to be fed every 2.5-3 hours it gives us all something we can be doing why he is eating. Plus, it keeps the boys out of trouble they may be trying to get into when I am not watching.

 Mommy and her cute cute boys!

 Colt and his best buddy Byson.
We are doing well and have adjusted to having another one in the house. Between my MOPS group and our church we are being supplied with meals and have more coming this week. I was really bad towards the end of my pregnancy about cooking dinner every night, I was so nauseated all the time that food never sounded good and the thought of cooking it made me even more sick. I am hoping to get back to meal planning and cooking healthy meals again. I have 2 days left of teaching this week and then I am on summer break. We are looking forward to a pretty low key summer with no big plans until the end of July when we will go to the beach with Dave's family for vacation.

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Mrs. Hutch said...

What a great way to spend your time while nursing! These are such cute pictures. Im glad that you are all adjusting well!