Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oregon Coast 2011 : Tidepools

 After 2 days at Depoe Bay we moved to Gleneden Beach, that evening we decided we wanted to go see the tide pools. Unfortunately, the place we went wasn't too great so we didn't get to see much but we definitely made some memories. It started with everyone getting ready to go and Jax and Case screaming their heads off. Jax because he had just woken up from a nap and was not happy and Case wanting to be fed. Most everyone left to the beach to see if they could catch some tide pools at low tide while Dave and I along with Mike, Julie, Taylor and Randee stayed behind to help us out. After we got our kids settled down we finally were able to leave and join everyone else. Dave and I are constantly having to remind ourselves how much time and work it takes to go someplace with all three kids, especially when the meltdowns occur. Anyway, it wasn't the best evening but we did get some fun pictures.
Heading out to find the tide pools.
Mike and Randee

Colt holding his Poppi's hand.
Andy and Calvin.
Our only attempt at a family photo the entire vacation. Big FAIL!

Colt checking out the water. He had a serious issue with sand, the ocean and getting dirty the entire trip. He is very cautious and all the new scenery and things to do had him definitely out of his element.
Love my Jax-man.
Sweet Case.
Aunt Katie!! We were all so excited she joined us on this trip. Her and her husband Travis live in Louisiana, Katie is a nurse and Trav is in the army. He is deployed right now in Afghanistan and we didn't think Katie would be able to make the trip because of work. She surprised ALL of us (except for Julie and Andy) and showed up the day before we were supposed to leave. It was a great surprise for everyone.

Heading back to the condos.
Honestly this evening was not the most fun. It was alot of walking in sand, carrying kids and all their stuff, getting sand off their feet and ours, etc. I don't say to this complain I just want to remember how it really was, there are times when vacationing that we try to do too much and we forget just how little our kids are.

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