Friday, September 6, 2013

Colt's First Day of Kindergarden

 Colt started kindergarten! 
 DiDi bought him a new backpack for the occasion and his Memah and Poppee took him school shopping and got him new tennis shoes. He was all ready to go on the first day. Waking up early is NEVER a problem for him so we had plenty of time to get ready for school. I needed it too because Dave was out of town and I had to get all the kids ready and in the car by 7:45 to get him their in time. I wanted to make sure he felt comfortable and was settled in before I left him for the day.
 He asked for bran muffins and applesauce for breakfast.

 He is going to Davis Elementary and his teacher's name is Ms. Houchin. He was very excited to be in their class. They have a bunny rabbit, fish and walking sticks in the classroom.  He told me that his favorite part was going out to recess and playing tether-ball and his least favorite part was when he forgot a stuffed animal for rest time (they take a 15 minute rest after lunch since its all day kinder). He made a raccoon puppet that he was very proud of and he told me that the day seemed long and when I left he wanted to cry but knew he couldn't.  He is such a sweetie. It was emotional for me dropping him off but I knew he would do great. I was excited to see him at the end of the day though, it definitely feels a little quieter only have 3 kids at home with me.

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Michelle said...

Kindergarten???? Oh my--time flies. So exciting!