Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life Lately.

Colt and Daddy deer hunting.
 Case perfecting the strider bike (the boy is good too!)
 Fixing Dad's tires.
 Jax riding the plasma car.
 Love little baby buns.
 Mama snuggling her girl.
Jax loving on Colbi.
 Colbi rockin the Nike beanie and a cute smile for Colt's soccer game.
 My big kindergartner. I sure do miss him when he is gone all day. He is such a big help and is the best big brother to his little brothers and sister.
 Colbi Lyn at 5 weeks old. Her personality is coming out and so far it seems pretty sweet and mellow. Her smiles are the best!

 Boys wrestling with daddy who had just gotten home from a fishing trip. This picture shows pretty much what is looks like 90% of the time Dave is home. The minute he walks in the door the boys want to wrestle.
Fall is finally here and the weather is starting to feel like it too. We have been making the most of the back to school schedule and trying to find time to spend together as a family too.  Dave took both the older boys deer hunting (Case was not happy about this but we told him he had to be potty trained to go deer hunting), Colt is playing soccer, Colt and Jax are in AWANA at our church, I am attending MOPS at another local church here which has been fun and both Jax and Case seemed to like their Moppets classes (Case called it his preschool), Colt got pretty sick for about 10 days and ended up with an ear infection he missed two days of school and a couple soccer games but is back to feeling well again. We are looking forward to a fun fall and all the holidays that the season brings with it.

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