Monday, August 1, 2011

Oregon Coast 2011: The Beach

The beach was right outside of our condo at Gleneden Beach so we spent some time down there. I got a couple early morning runs on the beach too which was awesome. I love beach running because its so much easier on your knees and hips though its a much tougher workout. Dave's sister Katie is training for a half marathon so we ran together one morning too.
The guys started by building a sand castle, Poppi was the best at it and he had fun being a kid himself and making a huge one after the real kids got tired of it. I didn't get a picture because we had a huge wave come in and knock it down.
Aunt Dee Dee wore Case for awhile until he got crabby and she got too hot.
Camryn LOVED the beach, she probably could have stayed down there all day and night everyday. I wish I could say the same for my boys. Cam loved everything about the beach; the sand, the water, the waves. She was very happy.
Running from the waves with her Uncle Dave.
Dave and Andy were the only ones brave enough to go into the water. These two were hilarious, it was pretty funny watching them run from the waves only to get completely wiped out.

Aunt Kenzie buried Cam and Colt in the sand.

The kids kept breaking through and saying "I'm hatching, I'm hatching" and then laughing so hard. They thought they were hilarious.
Then everyone got in on burying Dave.
I wish I could have gotten a picture of Cal. He put his face right into the sand and took a HUGE bite and started eating it. It was so funny, the best part was that he didn't cry or complain at all. That kid is such a stud.

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