Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oregon Coast 2011: Gleneden Beach

This was the view out of our bedroom in the condo. Absolutely beautiful. Our condo was on the third floor and we would sleep with the door open every night and listen to the ocean.

They had a basketball court and its tradition for the boys to always play a basketball game while we are on vacation. It was only Andy and Dave this year since Trav was not here and Taylor had to leave early for school.

Camryn LOVES Case, she probably would have sat and held him all day if she could. She kept saying "He's so cute Care, I love him so much Care."
The boys eating some lunch. They had a lot of meals sitting on the chairs at the island in our condo.
Poppi, Colt and Cam watching a movie in Mike and Julie's bedroom. Colt and Cam were inseparable much of the week, they wanted to be together ALL the time. For the most part they did great, not a lot of fighting but we did have to separate them because they always want to wrestle! Poor Cam being the only girl right now she is going to have to become "one of the boys" and so far she's doing a great job of it!
I told Julie to take a picture of this because this is so Andy. He is constantly hungry (but yet is so skinny), we eat a huge dinner and an hour later he's looking for another snack. He went to the fridge and grabbed the pie plate and proceeded to eat the rest of the pie (it was a much bigger piece when he started).
It was my idea to have all the kids sit on the couch in order according to their age so we could get a picture. I love this first one because you can really see each of the kids personalities in this photo.
Randee, Taylor, Katie, Kenzie, Dave (yep there's 5 of them!!)
There was a small playground at the condo right next to the basketball courts. It was usually empty which was nice to let the kids get out of the condo and run around a bit.

My sweet boys. The only time the entire trip where they were all sleeping at the same time during the day. This was towards the end of the trip and we were all exhausted. It took all of us about 5 days to start to feel normal again after getting home. It was a great vacation and so much fun to spend it with family.

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