Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oregon Coast 2011: Swimming

Swimming was a big highlight on this trip. Even though the temps were cool the pool was heated and most days the sun was out which actually made it feel pretty warm for only being 65 degrees. Colt and Jax could have swam all day everyday probably. They both loved it!!
The kids loved having Dave through them up in the air.

Colt and Cam got to where they kept getting farther and farther back from the pool and would get a running start to the water.

They kept wanting to do this over and over, we finally told them they just needed to jump from the edge and no more running because someone was going to get hurt. 

We spent a couple hours most days at the pool as long as the weather was nice. The last morning we were there Dave and I with the three boys headed down for one last swim and it was FREEZING. The heater was not working in the pool or the hot tub and it was really windy out. The kids lasted longer than I did, I just wanted a hot shower!

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