Friday, September 23, 2011

Case : 4 months

This guy is so much fun. He smiles a lot and loves to coo and jabber when we talk to him. He loves watching his brothers play and Colt and Jax are always willing to entertain him. He has mastered bucking out of his boppy seat so he's been spending a lot of time on the floor lately. He's wearing 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers. Still waking up once a night to eat, usually between 2-4, he does have his bad nights and will wake up more, he is definetely not my best sleeper but I can't complain too much. I rarely put him down, something both my mom and sister often comment on. I did the same thing with Jax and he was 15 months before he started walking, maybe Case will be the same. I don't mind, it makes them seem like a baby for a bit longer:). 
 Hanging out on the floor.
 Super happy in the jogger.
He's already used to going on runs just like the other 2 and rarely fusses in the stroller.
Little brother - Big brother.
Case 4 month stats
14.2 lbs (40%)
26 inches (90%)
HC: 41 cm (25%)

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Tabaitha said...

Look at that sweet smile, love!