Friday, September 2, 2011

Deer hunting with daddy.

Deer season opened today, Dave pretty much looks forward to this day all year long. Dave has been preparing Colt for this day for the last year too, explaining to him what they were going to do and telling him he has to be really quiet and look for all the deer. Dave has a tree stand set up behind my parents house so they drove out there and got ready to hunt. Colt was beyond excited though I wondered how he would do.
The tree stand is about 15 feet up in a tree and they have two of them so Dave and Colt took one while Dave's dad was in the other one. Dave brought lots of snacks so Colt wouldn't get too bored.
Colt and Poppi looking for the big buck.

Dave said Colt was completely quiet the entire 3 hours they were out there, he sat in the tree stand looking for deer and never said a word. Mike ended up getting one which Colt was really excited about and they were all up until past 11 that night getting the deer all cleaned up. Dave said Colt kept saying "Dad, thanks SO much for taking me.....I love you dad.....this is so much fun".  They went out the next day too in hopes that Dave would get one but no luck.
Of course a trip to McDonald's was in the plan too, got to keep it fun for the little people.
Colt took this picture of Dave and he wanted me to post it.:)


Michelle said...

Love this! Alright--we have to get our husbands together with the boys. Michael has been looking for a place to hunt and Nicholas SO wants to "go" with him. They've got bows too! (It's a regular archery range in our back yard!) Let me know.

The Park Family said...

That is sooo cute with all three of you! Colt looks so much like Dave it is a little scary! I am sure that made everyone so happy to be killing things together:)