Sunday, May 25, 2008

11 months!

Only one more month until he is no longer a baby, well not really but for some reason when I think of him turning 1 I assume that means he will be a boy and no longer a baby! Colt is doing great, he loves to explore, eat bugs, play in the dirt, give Byson lots of love, eat with his fingers (he has still not figured out the silverware thing), be tickled on his feet and under his chin, take a bath, go on runs with mom and dad (especially when they end with play time at the park) and of course eat whatever we are eating! He is not real fond of green beans (even the real ones!), walking (he hates it when I try and work with him on it), going to bed (especially when we have been doing something fun and then we just stop and tell him its bedtime) and lately he has been getting frustrated when I try and do something for him, he just wants to do it himself! He is very aware of everything around him, he loves to just sit and listen to people or watch and listen to animals or whatever may be going on around him. He loves to point to whatever it is he wants, likes to wave hi and bye, claps his hands when we play patty cake, and loves to bang on windows over and over again! His favorite word is still dog, which he proceeds to say everytime Byson or the big dogs are around. He also says: dad, mama,ball, hi, hello (my dad taught him hello, everytime my dad puts the phone to his ear and says hello, Colt will put his hand to his ear and say "hewwo") and today I showed him a cow and said "cow says mooo" he goes "moo moo." Of course if the average person heard him talking they would probably have no clue what he is saying, except for the word dog, that is very clear! He is also developing quite the little personality. It is so fun to watch his personality start to come out, he knows when he is in trouble from the sound of our voice and he looks at us like he is thinking "uh oh I am in trouble but maybe I can still try and get away with it." The first time I hit him on the finger for doing something after I had told him no, he looked at me like I was the most awful person on the earth:) Overall he is doing great, we are having so much fun watching him grow and learn new things.


The Price Family said...

Oh Care, you are such a great mom tracking all his progress! Colt is really growing up and he is super cute. I got your email on the hotel thing, lets plan on getting reservations this week.
Can't wait to see you guys again. MISS YOU, and thank you for all of your emails and comments during the last week, you are such an amazing friend!!!!

All of us said...

He knows so many words. Can belive how fast 11 months has gone by. You have done a fantastic job as a parent. You and dave are wonderful. COlt will be a handsome, intelligent, mannerful, athletic man on day....but lets enjoy em while he's still your baby!!! Love you guys.