Friday, May 23, 2008

Can you say CRAZY!!

I think this picture does a pretty good job of saying it best, we are all pretty tired around here. Its been awhile since I posted and we have had some interesting things happen in our house (or should I say happen to Dave). We were in Tri-Cities last Friday and Saturday for the regional track meet that I was coaching at. We decided to just stay the night at his parents on Friday night so I would not have to drive back and forth. The weather was 100 degrees and so hot! Dave brought Colt to the track meet for a little while on Friday night but it was still so hot, we kept dropping ice water on his head and he would smile. The poor little guy was literally panting it was so hot, he is like Dave a lot in that way. I have to be careful what I put him to bed in because he will be sweating sometimes when I come and get him in the morning and this is after I have put like 3 layers on myself and bundled up under the covers all night just to sleep well. Dave likes a very cold house, he sleeps with the window open in winter! Anyway, saturday morning Dave got up and decided to go on a early morning bike ride. He went on about a 20 mile ride and when he got back to his parents I noticed him holding his arm funny. I asked him what happened and he said he had fallen right after he had left the house, his chain had come off on his bike while going up a hill and he had not been able to get his foot out of the clips in time so he had put his hand down to stop his fall, however he then proceeded to pick himself back up, get back on the bike and ride for 20 miles!! MEN!!! As he was dropping me off at the track meet I told him to just go to the ER and get his arm looked at. I get a call 6 hours later that he has a broken radius and he needs to see an orthapedic surgeon! To make a long story short, we got him into the doctor on Thursday and he said no surgery but it will probably take 3-6 weeks to heal. Until then he is supposed to take it easy (which he is not, in fact right now he is laying tile at the church....the guy can hardly move his arm and he's going to try and lay tile!!) Also, his arm is swollen and bruised from his elbow on up! Besides Dave's arm he also got surgery on his mouth this week, many of you know the story about his brother knocking out his front teeth when they were wrestling about 10 years ago. Well last summer the tooth they replaced it with finally gave out so for the past 10 months they have been getting his mouth prepared to have a bridge put in. On Wednesday, Dave spent 6 hours in the dentist chair and I must say he has a much better looking smile now:) Dave will be so thrilled to see that I just wrote an entire essay on him on the blog!

Other than that I think things are going to start slowing down a little bit! I am done with track and only have 3 more weeks until school is out for summer. This is the time of year when its hard being a teacher because the kids start to get antsy and its so hard to keep them motivated..not that I can blame them. We have a lot of fun things planned for summer and I am sure it will fly by! Speaking of slowing down...Colt is definitely not slowing down, in fact he is becoming much busier!! There is nothing that he can't figure out a way to get into to, in fact he is getting to the point where he is tall enough to grab stuff off counters, end tables and the kitchen table! The only way I even get to blog is if I put him in his high chair and feed him, right now he is eating grapes and an english muffin for breakfast:) I am going to try to post some pictures very soon!


Rachel & Sean said...

Holy crap so much has happend to Dave this week. Im so sorry about his arm I can't believe that he rode for 20 miles after breaking it. Thats something my dad would do. I love the pictures of Colt he does look so big now its crazy that he will be 1 in a month. Im glad that school will be out for you in 3 weeks. Then you can RELAX!!!

All of us said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Poor Dave. I can't belive he broke his arm. That is so crazy. I hope the 6 weeks goes by fast. AND I can't belive how many teeth colt has. He does look like a boy with teeth on the top and bottom. I know the kids get crazy...we did remember. It will be over soon then you can enjoy life.