Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yummy, I love bananas. However.....
I prefer to feed myself thank you very much!
I think I will see how much I can get into my mouth before mommy takes it away.

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Colt, I can't believe how big you are getting!!! You sure are a little doll though. Tell your mommy to keep posting lots of pictures of you and I'll do the same. Take care!

The Chases said...

I love all your updates. I can't believe all that Dave is putting his body through=) Poor guy. He really shouldn't be tiling this weekend...he should come to Olympia=)

Colt looks more and more like you! HE is such a little man. I miss him so much. Love you all

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Conlin Family said...

It looks like he could get quite a bit in his little mouth! I can't believe he is almost one. Kaylee was still a baby to me when she turned one cause she wasn't walking seemed that once she reached that milestone is when she changed into a toddler!
We will find out what the baby is when I'm around 21 or 22 probably in July. I wouldn't mind a boy and have one of each...of course Bo wants a boy! We'll see..I'll put it on the blog when we find out.
I'm sure you're counting down till the last day of school! I'll send some warm weather up that's too hot to even go outside right now!
Take Care!