Friday, May 2, 2008

Sleepover and magazines.

Have I mentioned lately that Colt is into EVERYTHING, these days. He refuses to sit still, its exhausting but fun too!! He loves to pull all the magazines out and rip them apart, I have given up on trying to keep him out of them, it keeps him entertained and I just make sure I read the magazine before I put it in the rack!
He's such a happy boy! He had his first sleep over last night at my dad and mom's. Dave was out of town for work and I had a track meet in Yakima and did not get home until midnight so he stayed the night at my parents and then my mom took him to daycare this morning. It was pretty sad waking up this morning and not having him here with me. I miss him so much when I am away from him. I picked him up from daycare this afternoon around 5 and he was so excited to see me, I got a big (open-mouth) kiss and everything.


All of us said...

you are sucha funny little man. SUmmer is almost here Care, then maybe you cen spend the covetted time with your little guy. I hope you get to. I love you guys and miss you tons. Hugs and kisses

Rachel & Sean said...

First sleepover so crazy I can't even imagine that yet. School is almost out then you get a ton of time with the Coltster YIPPIE!!!! Hope you guys are enjoying the weather! Love ya.

Julie Pemberton said...

I sure miss you little Colt-you are so adorable. Hugs and kisses-Memah

Adam & Andrew said...

Thanks so much for posting a comment on our blog! Colt is SO handsome! Love those eyes!! Take Care!