Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun at the park

We got up early this morning, Colt does not sleep much past 6:30 these days. Once the light comes in he is ready to get up, he would be ready at 5:30 if I would go and get him but he is really good about hanging out in his crib for awhile and he will usually fall back asleep. Anyway, we went on a run and then stopped by the park on the way home.
Its been awhile since I have gotten some close up pictures of him, looking at these makes me realize how big he is getting. He looks more and more like a boy and less like a baby......
in fact I am trying to decide who he looks like or dad???
He loves playing on the slides and.....
climbing up the stairs!!

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Adam & Andrew said...

What fun! He is a cutie pie! Ya'll must be having nicer weather than us for him to be outside in longsleeves. It was in the 90's here yesterday, yuck!