Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baking Cookies

Colt and I got to spend the day together today. Its so nice to get to spend a week day with him every once in awhile. Today we did not have a babysitter for him so him and I spent the day running errands and getting ready for company to come this weekend!! We can hardly wait to see Crew and Brody. In the afternoon we decided to make oatmeal crisp chocolate chip cookies.
Colt wanted to do everything I was doing, he would measure the sugar with his cup and then put it in the mixer (check out my mixer, I got it as a birthday present last year and I love it!! I am not much of a cook but I love to bake.)
He also of course had to stir whatever it was he was putting in his cup.....
......and he got a few good tastes in too. He tried sugar, brown sugar, butter, vanilla and flour. He did not like the flour too much. He was such a big help, I love doing stuff like this with him!!


The Mac Attack said...

Thats funny he ate flour. It looks like so much fun. Im making pumpkin pie today. Maybe Mae will help.

McP Family said...

I think it is great that he got to experience all those flavors...even flour. I put Madi on the counter too. SHe loves to see what I am doing. I am glad you got to spend some one on one time with COlt. Mommy's need it too you know.