Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spaghetti for Dinner!!

I made spaghetti sauce from scratch for dinner tonight. I got the recipe from a friend online and it was pretty good, it had sausage and hamburger in it. Dave tasted it and was like "Wow this is actually pretty good!!" Obviously he does not enjoy my cooking much:) Anyway, Colt has been battling a bad cold and cough for the last few days and has not eaten much but he was loving the spaghetti tonight!
Its such a messy food and a big pain to clean up but at least he enjoyed his dinner and got his appetite back for a meal.


The Mac Attack said...

Mae gets crazy messy when she eats Spaghetti also, I hate the mess but she loves it. I always strip her down.

McP Family said...

oh what a mess. But at least he is eating...and nice work on the home made dinner. I know you love to bake and hate to cook. Not me, I love to do both. I hope we can see each other soon. Thanks for the pics, we miss you.