Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Perfect Day!!

Strawberry-Peach Smoothie.....Colt's favorite!
Today was what I would describe as a perfect day! Dave and my dad left on Friday for opening weekend of chuckar hunting in Oregon. It is a tradition that they do this every year. That means Colt and I have the weekend to just ourselves. The day started off a little after 7 am when Colt woke up, I brought him into our bed along with his banana and milk and we stayed in bed snuggling for 30 minutes. After that I got him all bundled up and we went on a run with him in the jogging stroller, it was a cold fall morning but so beautiful out. When we got home I made us homeade egg mcmuffins for breakfast and then we showered and drove downtown to meet Di Di for some shopping. We have a cute little downtown in Walla Walla so we just walked around and looked through the little shops. We went to lunch at my favorite pizza place called Sweet Basil Pizzeria, it is New York style pizza so its real thin crust and almost no grease and they have the most amazing salads and then we walked over to my favorite candy shop called Brights and got a couple pieces of yummy chocolate. Colt fell asleep on the drive home and I put him down for his nap and I got busy pulling out the fall decorations and cleaning the house. We have company coming this weekend (Price Family...can not wait!!!) so I wanted to get all the cleaning and decorating done this weekend so I would not have to do it during the evenings after work. Colt woke up and after a small snack we drove to get some pumpkins for our front door.When we got home I whipped up a smoothie for Colt and he LOVED it, he sat on the counter while I made dinner (sloppy joes) and inhaled his smoothie. He did not eat much for dinner that night, I wonder why??:) We played some more , read a couple books and then Colt went to bed. I relaxed and watched the movie "Baby Mama" (just an okay movie) and was asleep by 10. I love days like this, getting to spend an entire day with Colt doing whatever we want!
Colt inhaling his smoothie while watching me make dinner. Yum Yum!
He loves to grab apples out of our fruit bowl, take a bite and then....
.....put it right back in the fruit bowl. It cracks me up at the tiny little bite he takes out of it. He would have done it with every apple but I stopped him.
After eating quite a few more bites he decided to take him straw and stick it in the apple.......
.....and try to get some apple juice out of it.


The Mac Attack said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me too! Love the crisp fall morning runs.

McP Family said...

SOunds like a perfect day to me too!!! I love the little bites in the apples too. Miss you guys,