Friday, October 17, 2008

Candy Thief

We were having company come this weekend so I put out all of my fall decorations along with the Halloween candy dish. Colt had been playing with his toys most of the afternoon and I was in the kitchen working on some more decorating when I noticed it had gotten very quiet. I walked around the corner and saw Colt reaching into the candy dish and unwrapping the candy and eating it. I did not realize he was tall enough to reach it but I have now had to move the candy dish, otherwise we would have had no candy left over.
Notice the wrappers on the ground:) He is getting so big that nothing is out of his reach anymore. We are really going to have to work on him not touching the Christmas ornaments this year!!


The Mac Attack said...

Nice job Colt! Dont tell your mom I said that!

McP Family said...

Oh the Christmas ornaments....I am nto looking forward to that. Isn't it amazing the things they can get into. My mom keeps reminding me that I wasn't much different.