Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Colt is a clown this year, my mom made the costume for him. He is one of the cutest clowns I have ever met!
They had a trunk-or-treat at the high school where I teach at last night so we took him to that. He was so cute walking around, we taught him to say trick-or-treat (I have been working on it with him for awhile now) he says tick-teat. He would hold out his halloween basket and then they would put candy inside. He loved the sucker, we gave him one of them about half way through and that's all he cared about the rest of the night. It was so funny to watch him suck on it like a big boy.
Have a safe and happy Halloween!


McP Family said...

that is a great costume....he IS the cutest clown I have ever seen. Madi was a pumpkin....check it out.

Amanda said...

Cute!! I admire people who make their kids (or grandkids) costumes. The clown thing is too much!! Great job grandma. Cute pictures, Carolyn. He's so sweet.

The Price Family said...

How cute! I hope you are having a good weekend :) It is so fun to get them all dressed up at this age, did Colt have fun eating all his candy?

Conlin Family said...

He is a very cute clown! Kaylee's first halloween I dressed her up as a clown and painted her nose red. She was a pretty cute clown too!
It sounds like you had a good halloween and I guess if a sucker satisfies him you get to eat all the other candy!?