Thursday, December 9, 2010

17 weeks.

 I think this picture makes me look smaller than I am, but maybe its just me that feels that way. I have those days when I just feel huge and then other days when I hardly notice I am pregnant. I couldn't find a picture of me at 17 weeks with either Colt or Jax but I feel like my stomach is comparable to what it looked like with them at this stage. I start showing so quickly!
Baby #3 we can't wait to meet you!
 I LOVE the 2nd trimester, most of my clothes still fit (with the exception of some of my tops that are too short or too snug now), I don't feel like I am going to throw up all day long, I can still run long distances without feeling like I am going to die, and the best part is that no one has started commenting about how big I am (love those comments from my high schoolers when I still have 8 weeks to go:)). I have a doctor appointment next Friday where I will get to hear the heartbeat again and we will set up an appointment for my ultrasound which will be right after the New Year. This is flying by! Oh and we have still not changed our minds, we will not be finding out the sex at the appointment (sorry Jules I am not mailing you an envelope either:)).


The Price Family said...

Oh Care--I just like to play, I guess your really cool gift for letting me know, will come after the baby comes instead... :) You look adorable and beautiful like your princess self.
Yummy cookies too, funny that you made those from Our Best Bites, because I just made a pretzel, rolo thing from there, so yummy!! MISS YOU!!!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

You look great!

The Chases said...

You look amazing! Love and miss you!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I am so glad you found me because now I found YOUR blog. You are seriously the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen!! Number three!! That is so exciting. I teach at a really small school....400 kids!! Is your high school big? you are smart and beautiful:) yay for new blog friends!