Sunday, December 19, 2010

Colt's First Christmas Play

Colt had his first ever Christmas play on Sunday at our church. He was a star and did a great job walking up on stage and waving his star with his blue star glasses on. He knew the song he was supposed to sing, we have been practicing for weeks and he can sing it all by himself but he much preferred waving his star wand over singing. Oh well, he was still really cute. Dave's entire family came and so did my mom and dad.

 Colt is in the blue sweater wearing the blue star glasses on the right. When he walked in he found all of us right away and started waving. He was so proud of himself and very happy that so many people had come to watch him.
I wish I had photoshop because I could have replaced Colt in this picture with the one below.....
 ...or replaced my mom with the one above.
 Trying to get all four cousins to look at the camera is a chore.
 Take 2 was not much better.
The little guys.

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