Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cookies.

 The boys and I did some Christmas baking today. 
Colt was a big help, Jax was in the way most the time but we had fun!
 Getting ready to bake!
 Colt was in charge of unwrapping all the Hershey peppermint kisses. Jax tried to help but every time he was successful in unwrapping it ended up in his mouth. We made Candy Cane Kisses from Our Best Bites blog.
 Colt was really good about not eating any candy unless he asked. I never caught him trying to sneak any, he would always ask me first. Of course since he was asking I had a hard time saying no. I have no idea how many ended up in his mouth by the end.
 These cookies were made like a chocolate chip cookie recipe only you added cocoa and dark chocolate chips, once they came out of the oven we put the peppermint kisses on top.
 Colt loved putting a kiss on top of each cookie.
 Meanwhile, Jax started eating the dough.
 So I let them both have a taste...............
 .........and they both chowed down.
Next up is sugar cookies with frosting, I am putting those off until closer to Christmas though because they are a favorite around here and I want them to last until Christmas!
While the cookies were baking we were singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" so Colt got out my salad spoons and tucked them into Byson's collar and told me that Byson was a reindeer and those were his antlers. The funniest part was Byson just went along with it, never growling or running away like he usually does when he doesn't like something.

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Mrs. Hutch said...

Your boys are so darn cute! Looks like a really fun afternoon! Im going to have to make some of those cookies, they look really good.