Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's happening (or not).

I talked to one of my best friends the other night and she gave me a pretty good lecture about my lack of blogging lately. I blamed it on this pregnancy and the fact that I spend most of my free time on the computer working on my online class and not blogging. Both lame excuses but I had to make something up. I have been really bad about taking pictures lately and feel a little bit like my life is in chaos right now. Anyway, here's an update.
  • Jax is growing up, no really he is growing out of that baby stage and starting to act like a toddler. He runs everywhere, asks for things, is picking up new words like crazy, is starting to hit and throw fits but the best part is that him and Colt are really playing together. Laughing, screaming, running around having a ball together. Its the best part of my day!
  • There will be no Pemberton Christmas card this year, I'm sorry for those of you who looked forward to this but I just never got around to getting pictures taken and I really have no pictures that are worth the money to send out. Again, I blame it on this pregnancy and the miserable, nauseous state I was in for 14 weeks these past couple months.
  • Colt got his first real black eye (he's had a couple small ones but nothing like this), of course it happened when him and Jax were playing together. They both bumped heads and Jax's forehead hit Colt's eye just perfectly and within about 10 seconds it was swelling. No crying from either of them and after a split second they were off running again. The kid is almost 3.5 so its pretty amazing it hasn't happened until now.
  • I have been looking at newborn baby girl outfits online. Maybe I will actually buy a girl outfit to take to the hospital this time. When Jax was born I just borrowed one from Dave's sister Kenzie just in case we had a girl. I didn't want to waste the money on something I might not use, but I can always give it as a gift.  Though I am sure if this baby is a girl grandma Di Di will show up at the hospital with a bag full of brand new clothes.
  • We are in the process of moving both the boys into the bonus room. We got them both twin mattresses as well as blankets, comforters and sheets for Christmas (what a fun Christmas present for a 3 and 1 year old but between all the aunts, uncles and grandparents they will have plenty of fun gifts). We are planning on sending them to my parents Christmas Eve day and decorating it for them for that night. I think we will keep Jax in the nursery for a little while longer. He sleeps so good in there right now that we will probably wait till March or so to move him to his bed. It will be nice to have them both in the same room with all their toys and to have a guest room again.
  • Looking forward to Christmas break, especially the lazy mornings and not having to get up at 4:30 for a couple weeks.
  • Dave has a new project going on right now. You will never guess in a million years what it is, I still can't believe it myself but he has been staying up till midnight (or later) working on it for the past couple nights.
  • We have been talking alot about names and we have them written on our white board at home. We try to keep it to just our top 5 for boys and girls and then sometimes a new name comes up and it beats an old name out so we swap them. We have roughly 22 weeks to decide, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't even have a final name until after he/she is born.

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