Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Luke 2:11
"Today in the town of David
a Savior has been born to you:
he is Christ the Lord."
 Merry Christmas!
The boys woke up Christmas morning and we showed them their new room first. Colt was excited to see a new ax on his bed. His Christmas list had only 4 things on it : an ax, jetpack, shepherds staff and a sling. Unfortunately all he got off of it was the ax but he was pretty happy with that ax.
 Colt hanging out on his new bed.
Jax pointing to the airplanes hanging from the ceiling.
 The boys in their beds.
Jax was not interested in sitting for a picture at all, transitioning him to sleeping in a bed could be interesting.
We headed downstairs next to open stockings. Colt was very helpful giving Jax his gifts from his stocking.
Jax got a cow (his favorite word and animal), slinky and nerf gun (his favorite gift of all).
He also got 2 new balls, he is obsessed with throwing them and holding on to them.
He liked unwrapping his presents too.
Colt found a slinky, lifesaver gummies, yo-yo and nerf gun in his stocking.
Jax playing with his nerf gun, its perfect for him because he can load and shoot it himself.
Trying to get a quick picture Christmas morning was a challenge.
Dave, the boys and I spent the next hour playing nerf guns in their new room. It was a fun part of our day because it was the only time when it was just the four of us. We don't celebrate any holiday by ourselves so it was nice to have some alone time together that morning and play. We all had fun shooting each other with the nerf guns and laughing. My parents showed up and Marni finally pulled herself out of bed and we went downstairs to open presents and have breakfast.
Marni got the boys a Toy Story stunt set which was so fun for Dave to set up. However, once it was set up Colt loved playing with it. Marni surprised me and got me a kindle which I love!
Jax and Di Di enjoying a new book.
My mom knitted both the boys hats.
For breakfast my mom made a breakfast casserole, granola and pecan rolls. After opening all the presents we had breakfast and then the boys wanted to run around outside for a little bit. Jax got new boots, a new hat and a new Northface jacket (the jacket is actually Colt's old one but Marni bought Colt a new one that was one size bigger so Jax now has his own Northface jacket.).
Papa and Jax.
Colt hitting Di Di with a snowball.
I wish I had more pictures, we had a horrible night as far as sleeping and both boys were up a lot. I had the worst headache all Christmas Day and did not feel like taking any pictures. Neither of the boys were acting like their usual selves either. Jax was whiny all day and Colt was not his usual agreeable self. I didn't even take one picture of Marni while she was here. We went over to my parents later that afternoon and had Christmas dinner, prime rib, mashed potatoes, pecan salad, and berry pie for dessert. We played a hunting and fishing game which Dave ended up winning (my Dad was a close second) and then we headed home for sleep!


Marni Mires said...

sister...the best part of that post was when you said you didn't take one picture of me. Best christmas present ever! The boys are so freaking cute...I miss them all the time.

mires said...

No the BEST part of the post was seeing the boys in their bed with their new PJ's....I LOVE that pic.

Big Oil said...

Care. that picture of colt and his slinky reminds me a little of his father....

The Price Family said...

You need to block Big Oil! :)