Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010 with the Pemberton's

After Colt's Christmas play all of Dave's family came back to our house to have an early Christmas celebration. Dave and I switch off every year and this year we are with my parents so we celebrated early with all of Dave's family. We had some yummy appetizers and some very interesting dinner conversations (thanks to Katie), I really wish our time with his family could be put on reality television, I know we could make millions just off of his sisters and what they say. It was so fun and as always we laughed, ALOT! After the food and fun we opened presents. We all draw names every year and usually exchange on Christmas Eve but since we are not going to be there we did it early.
 Aunt Dee Dee getting some cuddle time from Jax. Everyone loves cuddles from him, that's all he wants to do is cuddle!
 Katie's turn for cuddles.
 Dave's parents always give us pajamas on Christmas Eve so we all opened up our pj's first and changed into them right away.
 Cam and Colt giving each other a little side hug.
 Why is it so hard for 3 year olds to smile normal?
 I love this picture, it just screams happiness!
 Jax's face cracks me up, he is such a happy little guy.
 Julie, Me, Randee, Kenzie, Katie.
 The boys- Dave, Taylor, Mike, Andy. 
They were cracking up taking this picture because we kept telling them to scoot closer, then Andy kept trying to make himself look bigger.
Little boys - Cal, Colt and Jax.
 Calvin, the youngest cousin (until May).
 Colt and Camryn loved opening their presents and everyone else's Both the boys got lots of fun things, books, movies, airplanes, cows (Jax is obsessed with cows right now) and Colt got his first video game (the Leapster Explorer) which will be great for car rides.
 Jax even liked taking the paper off.
 Dave's parents always buy a family gift that we can play with and this year it was nerf guns. Jax liked to pull the dart out and put it back in over and over, then he would pretend to shoot at you and do it again.

 Colt had no problem figuring it out, he loved running around shooting everyone and he didn't mind being shot at either.
 This boy is happiest with a gun, a sword or a bow in his hand. 
For Christmas he asked for a jet pack and an ax (are you kidding me!).
 Andy had Dave and he got him a beer making kit.
 Jax and Poppi opening presents.
(Jax can say Papa now and he says it all the time around both Mike and my dad).
Jax and Memah playing with the nerf guns.
We had such a fun evening with everyone. Dave's parents took the boys back to Tri-Cities with them for a sleepover so Dave and I had the rest of the evening and most of Monday to ourselves (we drove over Monday night and picked them up). Dave had to work on Monday and I spent most the day cleaning, running errands and organizing. We are moving the boys into the bonus room together and cleaning it out and figuring out where to put everything has turned our house into a disaster (at least it looks like a disaster to me). Our plan is to fnish it up Christmas Eve so when they wake up Christmas morning they have a new room (that will be their Christmas present this year). We are going to wait and move Jax until later this spring, he sleeps so well in a crib right now that I hate to disrupt that but probably sometime in April we will transition him. I think Colt will be excited to get a room buddy.

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The Price Family said...

I am laughing so hard I am crying! I started to giggle in the picture of you and all the girls in matching pj's, and then I almost spit out my coffee when I saw Dave and guys. His family SCREAMS fun! Both sides of your family are so great. I love this post, and tell Dave that's why it is a good idea to have lots of kids, see what kind of fun you get? :) Love ya and Merry Christmas to the princess and her boys!