Monday, December 21, 2015

A little about Miss Colbi Lyn - 27 months

Oh this girl!! She is something else in the best way possible. I can't believe how much fun she is and to watch her grow into her own person and become such a little girl. It is really fun and awesome!
 Watching a movie in the theater for the first time. Memah and Popee treated us to the Good Dinosaur when we were in Hermiston for Colt's basketball tournament.
 Wearing her safety goggles at Tot Spot, they were doing a hammer and nail activity and she refused to work without them on.
 One early Saturday morning she was up at 6 so I took her with me to clean Dave's office. Notice the baby doll, baby dolls come everywhere with her these days. She loves to make beds all over our house for her babies and put them to bed. It is so cute!
 Her first pedicure! I took my mom for a little Christmas pedicure and Colbi came along. She spent most the time saying she wanted to take a bath in the water and was not happy when they drained it!
 She potty trained early and easy! It took less than a week and she was in full time underwear during the day, most nights I try and remember to put a diaper on her just in case but she pretty much always wakes up dry. After 8.5 years I am no longer changing diapers, this is one milestone I am excited for!
 I came out of my room at 5 one morning and noticed her door was open and she was not there. I started quietly looking all over the house and whispering her name. I finally found her sleeping on the bottom bunk between Case and Jax. I asked her why she had gone in there after she woke up that morning and she told me "mama I want to sweep wit my bwothers".
A girl and her dog.
She asked the boys to help her build a house for her My Little Ponies and before I knew it all the boys were playing ponies with her.
She is growing so fast and she is definitely 2, she has a little bit of an attitude and thanks to her older brothers she says some things that none of my other kids ever said at 2! However, she is also just the funniest, sweetest, happiest little girl and we love her!

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