Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

 Christmas Eve this year was a little different since we were by ourselves but it ended up being fun and relaxing. Dave made sushi and we enjoyed using the chopsticks and eating some really yummy food.
 The kids are not too shabby with chopsticks either.
 Opening the Christmas Eve present.

After dinner the kids opened up their Christmas pajamas (athletic shorts for the boys since they rarely wear pajamas anymore) and we read the Christmas story. We ended the night watching Star Wars V (we had been marathon watching all the Star Wars to get ready for the new one that we are going to Saturday night) and then the kids went to bed around 10. I told them that they were not allowed to come and get us until the clock said at least 6:00 on it.
Presents and stockings under the tree ready for morning!
Christmas morning. Colt came into the living room and said "6:03 mom", ha! The other boys were up shortly after and we had to wake Colbi up.
Stocking time!

After we opened up presents we had eggs and almond poppyseed break for breakfast and then layed around in our pajamas drinking coffee, playing with the kids new presents (the boys each got a kindle fire which was a huge hit) and watching Star Wars VI before packing up and driving over to Kennewick to continue our Christmas celebration. It was a fun and relaxing start to our Christmas and I enjoyed getting to have a quieter Christmas morning with the kids before the craziness of being around lots of family started up.

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