Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Tree, Gingerbread Houses and Snow!!!

The first week of December started with a little snow! On Monday during Dave's lunch hour I asked him if we could go pick out a tree. We had stuff planned every night that week except Monday and our weekend would be spent in Hermiston watching Colt play basketball. So Dave, Case, Colbi and I headed over to Klickers to pick out our tree. It was freezing and neither of the kids were dressed very warm.

After about 10 minutes of me saying no to every tree Dave told me we were leaving so I quickly agreed to the next tree he held up. Doesn't Dave look so happy?

After the boys got home from school Colt helped me put up all the lights and when Dave got home we had a really nice dinner, listened to Christmas music and decorated. All the kids were really into it this year and with Colt getting so much taller he can even put up a lot of the ornaments by himself.
On Wednesday night we got a snow storm followed by lots of freezing rain. The boys had late start on Wednesday and then school was cancelled on Thursday. I took Case and Colbi out to play in the snow while the boys were in school on Wednesday. Considering it was freezing they lasted a long time! After we built the snowman Case wanted a snowball fight.

Then before going back inside for hot chocolate I showed the kids how to make snow angels and then that night the freezing rain came in and ruined all our soft snow.

 Peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows was a perfect way to end our snow play.
 We ended the week making gingerbread houses. As usual having 4 young kids made it hard to really put together the houses so I convinced Dave to help us. I opened up a bottle of wine and he got to work. We ended up having to wait until Sunday when we got home from Colt's basketball tournament to decorate them since the houses needed to dry.

The finished products. Colbi's house has no roof because in true Colbi fashion she dropped her roof on the ground and Byson ate it.

 December is off to a pretty good start!!

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