Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas cookies with friends

I love Christmas time!! The older boys got out of school last Friday and so I waited until everyone was home to do any Christmas baking. This also prevented me from eating 3,000 cookies before Christmas Day was even here! Colt's friend Brackyn and Jax's friend Joel came over and spent the day with us. The kids are at such a fun age where the older 4 could do everything by themselves, I just had to give Case a little bit of help and all Colbi wanted to do was lick the frosting off her cookie and then play with her baby doll (her newest obsession! Every area is our house is made into a bed for her babies, it is really quite adorable.).
 These kids are fun!
 Colt and Brackyn. These two have been buddies since kindergarten and get along so well together.
 Jax and Joel. These two are so much alike it is scary!
 My little ones, love both of them but they sure keep me busy ALL THE TIME!
 Cookie monster!

We ended up making peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses in the middle, m&m mint chocolate brownies, gingerbread bars and sugar cookies.  This was my favorite day of break so far!

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