Thursday, December 17, 2015

Davis Elementary Christmas program

Colt and Jax had their Christmas programs today. Papa, DiDi and Memah all came along with Dave and I and the kids. It was so much fun to watch them perform and the program was very well done. The kids have the best music teacher!
 The kindergarten and 1st grade program was at 10:00, so we went and watched Jax perform. He kept looking up at us and smiling and waving throughout the program.

 Afterwards we went back to his classroom where he gave us the ornament he had painted. His teacher Mrs. Randow has been wonderful for him and he likes her a lot!
After Jax's program we all went out to lunch and then came back at 1:00 for Colt's program. Dave started blowing kisses from the top of the bleachers the minute Colt saw him and pretty much never stopped. Colt was a little embarrassed. His program was really well done and after we went back to his classroom where they had spent the morning making gingerbread houses. His teacher, Miss Thonney made each kid their own gingerbread house from scratch. She has been amazing this year and Colt has really taken off in reading and math which has been fun to see his confidence grow.

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