Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas with the Pemberton family

Later on Christmas afternoon we packed our bags and headed to Kennewick to celebrate with Memah, Popee and family!
Car full of kids and dogs excited to keep celebrating!
Memah bought an Xbox1 and all the kids had fun playing Just Dance and other games on it.
That evening we got all dressed up for our annual acting out of the Christmas Story.
Dave with Nora.
Jax as a king and Colbi the Star.
My kiddos.
Dave ended up taking over the job of the Star, he filled it out nicely. Colt and Camryn were Joseph and Mary.
We ended up doing it twice since the video camera did not record the first time. This is always one of my favorite moments of the entire holiday. So much laughing involved!
Colt excited for Christmas dinner. 
The kids place settings were so cute and creative (Memah's idea).

Colt and Camryn.
Case and Calvin.
Colbi enjoying her dinner. Memah put together a delicious dinner of prime rib, crab, salad, rolls and baked potato. That night we all went to Star Wars which was a perfect way to end the holiday.
Colbi got a kitchen for Christmas from Memah and Popee. As soon as we got home on Sunday Dave, Colt and Jax got to work setting it up.


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