Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aunt Ann and Twins

My sister Ann and her twin girls Reese (holding Jax) and Perry came to visit for a couple days. They turned 2 in April and it was so much fun to see them again.
Colt had a blast playing with both his cousins. They spent alot of time riding bikes, playing in the sand box and eating outside on Colt's table. Of course there was a little bit of crying over not sharing toys but for the most part they played very well together! We went swimming on Friday at a friends house and had lunch by the pool. All the kids loved swimming and so did Ann and I because it was so hot here!
Aunt Ann having a hotdog picnic on the floor with the kids. Notice they are all in there pajamas still, that is because Perry asked for a hotdog at 9am so Ann decided to give all the kids hotdogs for breakfast:)
Perry holding her new cousin Jax.
Di Di and Reese.
On Saturday before Ann and the girls left for Boise we went to the farmers market and met my parents there.
Colt and Perry.
Colt is in LOVE with his cousin Perry. He wanted to hold her hand all weekend long and always wanted her by his side. It was very sweet!
Papa and Di Di with there twin grandkids.

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