Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colt stories

~ Dave has been riding his road bike alot lately. He pretty much goes for a bike ride almost every evening after dinner. Colt likes to be in the garage and help him get ready to ride. He helps Dave pump up his tires, put on his bike shoes, helmet, gloves, fill up his water bottle, etc. Then he stands in front of the house and waves bye bye to his daddy and yells " i love you mucho" over and over again until Dave is no longer in sight. This past week Colt was riding his bike around the house wearing his helmet (just like daddy) when he brings us his tennis shoes and asks us to put them on him. Since then every time Colt rides his bike around the house he insists we put his tennis shoes on. The other night while Dave is once again putting his shoes on him Colt looks at him and says "Tolt's bike shoes" and then it all makes sense. His tennis shoes are black just like Dave's bike shoes, he now insists on wearing his "bike shoes" whenever he rides his bike (which is pretty much all day long). If only he could learn how to put them on himself!!

~ He rides around the house making this motorized sound with his mouth and then stopping and telling us bye bye and that he is going to work. Today as he was riding around the house he stopped to tell me "bye" as usual I asked him where he was going and instead of work his response was "coffee" so I asked him what he was going to get at the coffee place and he replied "ice latte." Obviously I go through the coffee drive-thru way too often!

~ The other night Colt woke up around 1am and came into our room. He climbs up on Dave's side of the bed with his blanket, lovie, a book and on his head is his fisherman's hat. He asks Dave if they can go "outside" and "bike-riding." It was 1am but we both still laughed.

~ Today I took Colt running in the jogging stroller, he turns around to look at me as I am running and says "mommy face is sweaty!"

~ Last night I had just put Colt down to bed after reading him The Three LIttle Pigs (Both Dave and I have read that book to him so many times we have it memorized word for word now). I can hear him talking so I go over to the door to hear what he is saying. Colt: " Huff, Puff blow house down." then " not by hair of chin chin chin" then "little pig little pig let me in".


The Butorac's said...

Those stories are priceless! I cannot wait for those cute moments with our little one! Those are the kinds of things that are so important to write down because I guarantee you that years from now Colt will love hearing about the adorable things he did when he was little. I know I loved it when my parents told me about some of the things I said and did when I was a toddler. Sounds like you are having lots of fun with your boys! Miss you lots!

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

Too cute! I can't wait for Dylan to start talking like that. I will be busy writing down stories like these!

The Hutchison's said...

I got a kick out of these stories! So cute and funny.