Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Market and Family

Since my sister and her girls and my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rick were in town we met up at the farmers market this morning to have some breakfast and talk. Debbie just sent me these pictures on her camera and they were too cute not to post! Ann and the girls are leaving this morning for Boise but Deb and Rick will stay until tomorrow.
Papa and Perry
My beautiful sister and her cute little girls!
My Aunt Debbie and Perry.
Unfortunately Colt was hot and tired so he was not cooperating in the picture. It must have been close to 100 degrees today!
I love my sweet chubby baby!!!
That evening we went over to my parents for dinner. My mom and Deb did most of the cooking and had so much fun together. They don't look like sisters do they???:)
Debbie finally got some one on one time with Mr. Jax. He had a really bad tummy ache all evening and she got him all settled down.
Of course no trip to my parents is ever complete until Colt gets to play some fetch with Jordan. He asks every single time we go over there and my dad is always happy to oblige.

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