Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome Jax Party

Dave's mom and three sisters gave Jax a little welcome party this evening. We had it at my mom's house and it was so much fun!
Colt and Camryn got to join in on the fun. They both just really wanted to play with balloons most the time.
My friend Jill brought her little girl Emily who is just a couple of weeks younger than Colt.
This is my friend Becky and her sweet daughter Birtuken.
My mom set up the outside with chairs and tables for everyone. I was a little worried that she wanted to have it outside because it was 100 degrees today but since they live closer to the mountains it was much cooler and the big trees gave us lots of shade. Julie, Kenzie, Katie and Randee brought lemonade, ice tea, veggie and fruit platter and a taco dip as well as strawberry shortcake.
My mom had set up a little table for all the kids and Katie and Randee spent most the evening playing with them.
Since I already had a boy the first time I really did not need much so Julie had put on the invitations that it was a diaper and wipes party. It turned out perfectly. I still have yet to buy any diapers for Jax and I don't think I am going to have to for quite awhile still! My mom made Jax the cutest quilt and my mom's good friend Vicki gave him a homemade baby backpack. Dave's mom and sisters got Colt and Jax matching outfits as well as a gift certificate to get family photos done. I can't wait, we have never had professional photos done since our wedding so I am excited to get a good family photo. I am planning to wait until September to get them done though.
Aunt Dee Dee (Randee) is amazing with the little kids. I love having her around because she just takes over and watches the kids. Whenever she is around I hardly have to do ANY work, she will play with Colt, feed him, change diapers, etc. She is an amazing Auntie and Colt talks about her ALL the time!!
Colt sitting next to his rock (which says his name and birthday) on the pig. My mom has this set up that has 7 rocks (one for each grandchild), a little tree and this pig which Colt calls Wilbur.
Thank you to all who came to celebrate Jax it was such a fun time. I am so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends!!!

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