Thursday, July 2, 2009

Aunt Marni is here!!

My sister came today and is going to stay through the long weekend. Colt loves her, I had taken the boys to the doctor for Jax's one month appointment and Marni showed up just as we got into the office so she kept Colt entertained so I could focus on Jax. Marni has a little doggie named Hercules and Colt talks about him all the time, he calls him Herc. Colt has already kept Marni very busy wanting to play and read books non stop since she got here.
I was trying to get Colt to smile too but he was too busy making animal noises! We are looking forward to having Marni here for a couple days, its all Colt has talked about since I told her she was coming.

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The Hutchison's said...

Colt looks totally into that book! Marni must be a really good story teller:)