Friday, July 10, 2009

Right now the boys are......

Eating bananas with cool whip after just waking up from a good long nap!
"Cheese mommy!"
He loved this snack!! Pretty healthy too.
..........and surprise surprise Jax is sleeping........
..... and he also has a question:)
We have been doing a whole lot of nothing this week but it has been fantastic!! We wake up around 7 (Colt is finally sleeping well again), go for a run with BOB (my new best friend), eat breakfast (Colt has been on an oatmeal with blueberries kick this week), do a morning activity (run errands, go to the park, go to the library for storytime), eat lunch, take a nap (and yes I do mean all 3 of us take a nap), wake up and have a small snack and then work with Colt on his letters (Dave's mom got him the coolest letter cards for Christmas and he is really into them right now, he asks me all day long if we can "play letters"), make dinner, eat around 5:30 or 6 depending when Dave gets home and then spend the evening together as a family. It has truly been PERFECT!!! Well now that I write all that it doesn't sound like nothing, I guess what I meant was we are just doing our own thing, no plans or anywhere we have to be. Love it!!!

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