Monday, September 7, 2009

Boise Trip

My mom and I along with the little boys took a trip to Boise this weekend. We stayed with my little sister Marni and had the best time! It was such a fun weekend and I love getting to spend time with my little sister and my mom.
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Marni and I are running in a half marathon in Richland in 2 weeks so we went on a long run while we were there. You may notice the very red faces in the picture! We then went to my favorite place ever for a cool treat.....TCBY!! We used to have one in Walla Walla but it went out of business a couple years ago and I miss it every day. I love ice cream but my stomach gets upset when I have milk so I can rarely eat very much of it, however frozen yogurt never seems to bother me.
Colt loved his "rainbow cream" yogurt. It is really just vanilla yogurt but they make it pretty and colorful so kids will want it:) He ate the entire cup himself, along with many drinks of Marni's smoothie and a couple bites of both my mom and my yogurt.
My sister Amy and her family were camping for the weekend and did not get back until late Sunday night so we went over there Monday morning for a quick breakfast before we had to come back home. I had high hopes of getting a picture of all the cousins but it just never happened. Hopefully at Thanksgiving when we are all together I can get that photo. Amy and Andy made us egg sandwiches and fresh fruit and we sat around and talked for a couple hours. It was too short so I am excited to see them all in November for Thanksgiving! It was such a fun weekend and I wish I could see Marni more. She loves playing with Colt and Jax and she is like having a nanny around so it is nice for me as well. Colt slept in my mom's room so my mom was the one getting up with him when he would wake up once a night and then waking up with him in the early morning and letting me sleep a bit. Jax slept well one of the nights but the other two nights he was up ALOT! We did some shopping while we were there, cooked a lot at Marni's house, went for a couple runs and a walk, played at the park and sat around and talked. It was the perfect weekend and soooo much fun!

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McP Family said...

Everyone looks so great...even if you just ran!! Hugs.