Thursday, September 17, 2009

Colt and Jax : Updates

 Notice the Texas jersey #12 (Colt McCoy's number).
Colt is loving the outdoors right now. He is all about playing with his football, baseball, basketball, soccer ball. He asks me every day if we can play catch or kick the ball. The problem is that he no longer wants his little  balls that are his size, he is more interested in playing with the "big" football, basketball, soccer ball and when he throws them at you unexpectedly it kind of hurts!!  He is not afraid of too many things (unless its me leaving him somewhere then he cries and cries) and he is one tough little guy. I can't even believe the number of times he has fallen and scraped his knee or hit his head (bleeding and all) and he just gets up and says "mommy I fall down, just a little blood mommy" and he is off playing again. Dave attributes his toughness to the fact that they always play rough together but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he has daddy's tough gene! Since Dave has been gone fishing so much he is also very interested in fishing himself. We often go and play at a park that has a small stream running through it. He always finds himself and me a big stick and then we go and lay on our tummy's and fish out of the stream with the stick. He thinks it is the best thing and of course he always catches a "big fish" he always says "look mommy a 5 pounder!" not sure if Papa and Daddy would think that is big but to him it is! Not to put a damper on the funny things Colt is doing but he is also starting to drive me a little crazy at times. He can be soooooo naughty and is really testing my patience lately. I am reading a book by Dr. James Dobson called "bringing up Boys" and trying to follow the ideas and discipline strategies that he refers to in the book.To me the most important thing he refers to that all mother's of boys should remember is that boys need "structure, they need supervision and they need to be civilized."  It goes into more detail about different approaches and techniques to try but I always try and go back to those three pieces of advice whenever he is being naughty. Most of his naughtiness is occuring when he is not being supervised or when he is getting bored (no structure). His latest thing to do is throw himself on the floor when I am trying to get him to go somewhere. He does it other people's houses, on the street, at home, in the yard. I pray everyday for patience and that I am doing the right thing in regards to disciplining him. This is by far the hardest and most difficult part of being a parent that I have encountered so far!
Jax is all about smiling now. He does it often and is really a happy baby. I keep asking myself when he is going to get difficult because Colt was an easy baby too. Is it possible that I get two easy babies in a row? There personalities seem very similar at this age which means that if it continues when Jax turns 2 I am really going to be in for it! He is sleeping like a champ now for the most part from 7:00-5:30 or 6 then back to bed till 8 or later. Once I really started enforcing the Babywise techniques he became a completely different sleeper. I will have to remember that if we ever have a 3rd. I started Colt off right away using Babywise and I should have been more strict early on with Jax but it was so hard with Colt getting up during the night as well. At any rate I am thankful for the uninterupted night of sleep, Colt is getting up around 5 these days so I am always up really early!! Jax is a big talker and loves to be spoken to and smiled at, he will go crazy cooing back to you and giving us little giggles. As I type this he is snuggled up on my chest sleeping away, I love the fact that he is still small enough to sleep on me and I try to enjoy it for at least an hour or so once a day. Having a second child has really made me slow down and appreciate even more each moment of him being little. I wish I would have done that more with Colt, when he was little I always felt that when he slept I needed to be cleaning, or doing laundry, or working out, etc. I wish I would have taken more time just so slow down and relax and enjoy the feeling of snuggling him. This baby stage goes way toooooo fast and though I love watching my kids get bigger and change I think I will forever say that the baby stage is my favorite!!


Brittsan's said...

These new pics are super cute! What is the Babywise that you refer to in the post? I've never heard of that...but if it helps with baby sleeping, I think I want to learn more!

The Price Family said...

I need to remember that baby wise scheduling too, although I can't find my book... hmm.
The boys are so cute, I love Jax's big smiles. I love it that Colt is giving you a run for your money too, it makes me feel better about my life, ha ha! Don't you just love boys, we both have it pretty good. We are very lucky! Love ya Care, you are super mom!!!