Saturday, September 19, 2009

Indian Summer Half-Marathon

My little sister Marni and I competed in a half-marathon today! When I was hugely pregnant with Jax I started looking for something to compete in that would force me to get back in shape. I found a half-marathon in Richland and called Marni to see if she would be interested in running it with me and she was! The race started at 8am so we were up by 5:30 this morning. Dave and Colt stayed home and my mom drove Marni, me and Jax over to Richland. I fed Jax one last time right before the run and then my mom watched him during our run. It went pretty well, I felt good for most of it and Marni really pushed me to keep the pace pretty fast. Around mile 10 both of us got pretty tired and I was fading fast those last three miles. Marni was a constant chatter box beside me telling me stories and trying to keep my mood positive so I would keep going (of course I would not have stopped but I would have probably ran a lot slower!!). I was so glad when I saw the finish line, both of us ran across it together (well Marni was actually a step in front of me) but we did it in 1 hour and 49 minutes which is about a 8:20 mile pace. We had a goal of finishing in under 2 hours so I was pretty surprised when we got close to the end and we could see the clock. Neither of us had brought our running watches we just decided we would go and run with how we felt. It was sooo much fun (I can say that now that I am finished). We are both a little sore but overall feel good. We are already planning our next run together. My little sister is amazing, if I had not been with her she probably would have run it in 1:45 or less. You got to love her for staying with her old sis and making sure she finished strong!!:)


Marni said...

Care- it was a great run! I am glad that I was there to push you but keep in mind that I didn't have a baby three months ago or have to train for the run while pushing a stroller with a two kids in it! You were amazing and I am so proud to have such a strong sister! Thanks for the great weekend....I smile every time I think about:
a.) How much we kicked a$$ in that run!
b.) How funny and completely adorable Colt's personality is!
c.) How cute Jax is when he continually smiles and coos at you!
d.) How fantastic those fish tacos were....I have been craving them all day!
e.) How thankful I am to have you as my sister!

Rach said...

I can not believe that Marni was a chatter box at mile 10. Oh wait yes I can. Next year you guys should come up and do the Spokane 1/2. Thats going to be my goal race after I have this baby. Its usually the second Sunday in Oct. Great Job again!