Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dave's Fishing Trip

My amazing and handsome fisherman!!
We had only been home from Idaho for 3 days when Dave told me the fish counts were up and he needed to go fishing NOW!! Lucky for him he came back with 4 fish (the limit) so I was not upset at all. As long as he is bringing home food I see no problem with him going fishing.
He went with his Dad and his Uncle Tim and it sounded like they had a great time. They fished from sun up to sun down (which sounds just miserable to me) but came home with lots of fish.
Tim, Mike and Dave. The biggest fish is Tim's.
Dave said he had to fillet his dad's fish since his dad is a "nancy boy."
Notice the nice looking boat in the back of Dave's truck. He told me he "had" to have a new boat or he would not be able to fish this year. I think that is toy #3 (4-wheeler, motorcycle, boat) for the summer alone. In fact I believe in the last 3 months Dave has bought a new toy each month. Lucky guy!! He sure has an understanding wife, hopefully he will be as understanding when I tell him next August I am not going back to work.:)
**On a side note when Dave got back we had steelhead for dinner. I put a small piece on Colt's plate because I did not think he would really eat it, the next thing I know he is saying "daddy more fish please" he had eaten the entire piece and we gave him 3 more servings that night all of which he just gobbled up. In addition to the steelhead he also ate red potatoes and tons of peaches! I could not believe how much he ate that day. For breakfast he had : 1 banana, 2 glasses of skim milk, one bowl of oatmeal, one orange. For lunch he had: 2 hotdogs (no bun), 1 pear, bowl of cottage cheese, and a handful of frozen blueberries. Then dessert was 2 frozen go-gurts. This kid can eat, I think my grocery bill is going to be increasing this year and its only going to get worse once I have two boys eating solids!!

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Erin said...

We all need to get together, I think Tim and Dave would get along great. Tim loves to fish too:)