Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CDA, Idaho

The last week of August we took a trip to Couerd'lane, Idaho. The trip was all expenses paid since Dave worked so hard last year. We got to stay at the resort (which is beautiful) on the lake and just relax and spend time as a family.
We did lots of different activities while we were there in between Colt's napping time and Jax's feeding schedule. Dave was always complaining how much our schedule was built around the kids, he misses those days when it was just the two of us doing whatever we wanted.:)
One of the activities was based off the children's book "Milly and Mudgie." It's about a moose named Mudgie who is looking for his friend Milly the mouse. It is a popular kids book and can be bought at just about any store in CDA. They have this little 2.5 mile walk you can take which leads you to 5 different mooses and allows you to read the story at each stop. We spent part of one morning doing that and Colt just loved it!! He would get so excited to go on to find the next moose. He started to get tired at the end and Dave told him that if he had to endure looking for Mudgie on his vacation then he better stop whining and act like he was enjoying it.
Along the walk there was this fountain, Dave got Colt to lean over it and then......
..........picked him up and dumped him head first into the fountain!
Colt just laughed. I don't think there is anything that Dave could do to him that would not make him laugh. Dave plays so rough with him and Colt just laughs and laughs.
We also spent ALOT of time swimming at the pool. Colt was all about the swimming, he asked to go every time we were not in the pool.
He liked going underwater and Dave would go under with him and he would always come up with a big smile on his face.
I think this picture makes them really look alike!
Hanging out in his favorite place: the hot tub. After swimming in the big pool he would say "daddy brrr told" so they would have to go and get warm in the hot tub for a little bit.
Another morning we went on a 3 mile hike. Colt walked for a little bit and then rode on Dave's shoulders for the rest.
Daddy and Colt.
Mommy finally got a picture taken with her little boys.
Colt kept saying "daddy be tareful, daddy be tareful" everytime Dave would get close to the edge. Notice how tight Colt is clinging to Dave's head.
I carried Jax in the baby bjorn, he as usual was a happy camper and fell asleep half way through the hike. It was a bit cold that morning and I forgot his sweatshirt so we put Colt's on him.
I love this picture!
One of our last night's there we got to go to dinner over on the golf course. To get there we had to ride a big boat which Colt just loved. The last time Dave and I were on this boat was when my friend Audra got married.
Colt is always complaining about the sun in his eyes but whenever we would get him sunglasses he would usually end up just breaking them. Dave found these sunglasses in one of the shops around the hotel. They have an elastic band around them so he can not break them and he LOVES wearing them.
Then when it gets too dark he moves them to his forehead.
Once we got to the golf course they had all sorts of fun things set up for everyone. Colt immediately grabbed a croquet mallet and started hitting the balls around. They had a huge dinner, smore's on the beach, a live band and a big fireworks show. We sure hope Daddy has as good as year this year as last.......next year the trip is to Hawaii!!

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Erin said...

Looks like such a wonderful time! This makes me miss CDA so much. Tim and I went there all the time when we lived in Spokane. The resort is such a great place to stay! Did you eat the sunday buffet? Yum. Anyways, glad you had a great time!