Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Dave called this morning and said he had filled his 2nd tag. He got a white tail doe and he said it's nice and fat. It took him about 25 minutes of hunting to kill it. He is having the greatest time, it sounds like Hunters Heaven over there!! My dad and Dave are going to leave South Dakota on Saturday morning and then stop and stay the night with my cousins in Missoula, Montana then drive the rest of the way home Sunday. I am so looking forward for him to be home but I am so glad he got to do this. After seeing how hard he has worked  the last 4 years of building a business and working hard to made it succeed, I am glad he was finally able to reward himself. He has always had big dreams of going hunting to places like this and I hope its something he can continue to do each year. When I talked to him last night he said he can't wait until Colt and Jax can come with him as well. I guess the perk of having two boys is that once they get past the baby stage they will be leaving for weekends to hunt and I will have some alone time:). However, for now I am going to use that as an excuse that we definetely need to have another baby. Did I mention I already want another one (and then another....) just don't tell Dave that:). It's almost Friday, I can't wait. Nothing planned but hanging with my two little boys and hoping the weather cooperates so I can get a couple runs in and maybe a park date for Colt.

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Marni Mires said...

sister...I think five sounds like the perfect number! Oh please, oh please....lover you!