Monday, November 16, 2009

While the wife works.............

............the husband gets to play! :)

As you can see from the pictures Dave and my dad are having a very successful time in South Dakota. Dave said it took him about 25 minutes of hunting this morning to find and kill that deer! On top of that they have also gotten a fair share of pheasants. I talked to Dave tonight and it sounds like they are having a fabulous time. He kept saying that he can't wait until the boys are older because he wants to take them back there to hunt.
My first day back at work went surprisingly well. My mom showed up at the house about 6:15 this morning to help me get the boys ready and out the door (love her!), I cried all the way to Heather's to drop the boys off but Colt surprised me by doing fairly well with me leaving. He was very concerned at first but when Heather told him he could wave to me through the window he was happy with that. As I was driving away to the school he is at the window smiling and waving like crazy so that made me feel better. My classes went well and I feel for the most part that I have some good kids so hopefully it will be an enjoyable school year. I went and fed Jax on my lunch break (its only about a 5 min drive from the school so it works out great) and Colt had a great morning and once again was fine with me leaving. He just said he wanted to "wave" as I left so once again when I drove away he was at the window waving and smiling. The day flew by and I left almost immediately after school to get the boys. I was so excited to see them, of course Colt had to ruin my excitement by throwing the biggest fit in the world right before we left Heather's so that was frustrating but Jax was all smiles. I am exhausted tonight, my legs ache from standing all day, my throat hurts from talking and I am ready for bed. Jax and Colt were both asleep by 7 tonight. I need to get my body back in "teaching" shape.
Thankful today for:
1. Dave's mom and sister Kenzie for the fabulous frozen meals they prepared for me while Dave was away.
2. A fabulous babysitter who cares for my kids like I would.
3. Dave's phone call tonight and the excitement in his voice. I am so excited that he and my dad are having so much fun!
4. Jax's smiles and cuddles
5. Story time and snuggles with Colt before bed tonight.
6. My supportive friends who sent me text and emails all day to encourage me.
7. My mom!!!

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