Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zeitgeist Half Marathon

The kids and I have spent the entire last week in Boise while Dave is elk hunting. We have been staying at Marni's house but spending alot of time at Amy's during the day and evening so the kids can play. It has been so much fun!! Today Marni and I ran another half-marathon together. We were both sooooo nervous but took some pictures before the race started.

Finishing strong! This was a much tougher half-marathon than the one we ran in September. In the first 8.5 miles we went up 3 big hills ascending over 1100 feet in elevation. We ran it in 1 hour and 51 minutes just 2 minutes slower than the Richland marathon (which was all flat). Marni could have run alot faster, she was hardly even breathing hard for most of the run and ran back to get me after already getting to the top of the 3rd hill. I told her she could go on but she said she wanted us to finish together. I love her!!

Yea we are done!! The best feeling ever.

We had lots of people there to see us finish. My sister Amy, brother-in-law Andy, my three nieces Madelyn, Elena and Lucy. Both my boys and my parents. We were just missing Dave:(

After the race we went to get lunch. Colt, of course, wanted to sit by Lucy. He loves her and is constantly running up to her and giving her random hugs. She is so great with him.
Dave got home late tonight so we are going to drive back to Walla Walla tomorrow. Looking forward to being home in my own bed and getting my boys to sleep a little better though it has been so much fun to spend the week with my sisters. I just have one more week at home before I go back to work.....SAD!!! Though I am really looking forward to the upcoming holidays. All of my sisters are coming to Walla Walla for Thanksgiving and then 3 weeks after that I get another 2 week break for Christmas vacation (in which we will spend Christmas with Dave's family this year...always lots of fun!). I love this time of year!!


The Chases said...

GO CARE GO! That is awesome! You are AWESOME! Enjoy your last week=( I will be thinking and praying for you. It is not fair that moms have to work!!

Shane & Courtney Stacy said...

Way to go Care! That is awesome you almost had the same exact time with a tougher run. Enjoy your last week of work. I can't imagine how I will be feeling when I have to go back to work in May after our baby girl is here. Luckily for us being teachers we get time off...the entire summer!
Love you!

Rach said...

Nice work! Your looking good too. Im glad you got to spend a week in Boise with the fam before heading back to work.

McP Family said...

That is AWESOME!!! I think it is great Marni wanted to finish together with you. Aren't sisters wonderful. Keep running strong. I know going back to school will be tough...but you are such a great mommy that those boys will do just fine. Happy Holiday. I promise...i will blog tonight.

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