Monday, November 30, 2009

Playing Together...sort of!

Colt got a new drill set from his cousins for Christmas. He loves loves loves it, in fact that is an understatement. I am pretty sure he has burned that drill out, it was non-stop drilling for the first 4 it only works on occasion (which is nice because that thing is noisy!)

Jax even wanted in on the action. This little baby is moving all around the floor and rolling everywhere to get what he wants!

Byson is never far from one of the kids. He is always wanting to lay next to them, on them or play with them.

Colt showing Jax how to use the screwdriver. Colt thinks he knows everything about all his tools because "Daddy already showed me how to use them in the garage." Colt is starting to want to include Jax in his play time and is all about holding his hand and giving him hugs. I hope they grow up to be best buddies!!

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