Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's New.

I have been meaning to write an update about the boys before I forget what they were doing or saying at this age.

Colt : He is talking in full sentences all the time! The kid never stops talking, it can be a bit exhausting but hilarious all at the same time. He has started calling me "Mom" which makes him sound so grown up and when Dave is doing something funny he will say "Dad, you silly boy". He has also learned how to put his socks and shoes on all by himself. He always comes over and asks if his shoes are on the right feet after he is done and if they are not he sits down and fixes them. He is starting to tell me what he wants to wear when he wakes up in the morning. For example this morning he said to me "Mom, I want to wear jeans and my Texas shirt today. Oh and I want to wear my tennis shoes....not my boots." Then as we are heading out the door to go on a run I tell him to put on his black jacket and he looks at me and says "Actually, Mom I want to wear the green jacket." (I forget how much I use the word "actually" until I hear my 2 year old using it in sentences). He is really into reading lots of books right now and can even recite some of them from memory, he loves to run around the house singing at the top of his lungs and jumping as high as he can. He can say his ABC's and recognizes many of the letters when he sees them, he can also count to ten and we are working on getting to 20. He says "1, 2, 3,.....10, 11,12, 14, 18, 20" so he just needs to fill in the blanks and he will have it! He has an obsession with always wanting to shoot birds, deer, moose, etc (wonder where that comes from???) and since his Poppi got him his first (toy) rifle he has been running around the backyard looking for things to shoot. He sleeps with some type of a ball pretty much every night and Dave's childhood cabbage patch doll Hank sleeps next to him with his own ball. He comes into our room every morning before 6am and asks for a banana and milk (who can even think about food that early!!). He is a great helper around the house, he throws stuff away, puts his dishes in the sink, puts his shoes and jacket away when we get home, throws away Jax's diapers, put his clothes (and Jax's) in the laundry hamper, shuts doors, lets Byson outside to go potty, feeds Byson and cleans up his spilled water. For a 2 year old he does a pretty good job of helping out!! Colt is funny and loud and keeps me smiling all day long!

Jax: He is rolling over all the time, the problem is he can only go from his back to front and he only lasts so long on his tummy until he gets mad and wants someone to roll him back over....okay I lied he just rolled from his back to his front and then back again!! First time ever, maybe this will solve some of the sleeping problems at night.  He is grabbing at everything, really starting to suck on his thumb and loves watching Colt run around the place. When Colt is in the room, Jax's eyes follow him everywhere and he smiles at him. He can sit very well supported and can sit for a little bit with no support but he's still pretty unstable and falls over alot. He sleeps pretty well at night, though now that he is rolling over he will wake up around 3am, roll over and then scream until someone (always me) comes and gets him. Since its easier just to give in and feed him rather then soothe him back to sleep I just feed him and we are both back in bed after about 15 minutes. He is not a great napper, he prefers to nap on my chest which is fine unless there is something that I have to get done. If I put him in his crib he will usually only nap for 45 min to an hour before crying, the minute I pick him up he is back to sleep but then cries if I lay him back down. I think I have spoiled him a little with always holding him while he slept when he was little (something I rarely did with Colt) and now he thinks I should always hold him while he naps. Not that I really mind, they grow up way too fast anyway! He knows who is mommy is and gets sad if I walk by him without talking to him or picking him up. Jax is sweet and cuddly and just an all around good little baby.

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Rach said...

Those 2 boys are growing up so fast. Just a little tip take it or leave it. But with Mae she had a hard time napping at that age, I would just wear her in a sling or wrap then I could still get stuff done and she would sleep. It helped me alot. Have fun with your sisters this week!