Monday, October 19, 2009

Always on the move!

It really is starting to feel like fall here though its still been in the 60's for the most part the mornings and evenings are much cooler. Colt loves to go outside and ride his motorcycle around.

Notice his camo rain boots, those were a gift from my Aunt Debbie for his first birthday and they had been over at my parents house and Colt would wear them when he would play outside over there. Last time we were there he wanted to bring them home and now he pretty much wears them non-stop. I think he likes them because he can put them on himself, though he usually puts them on the wrong feet.

 He gets going and then picks his feet up and zooms down the driveway into the road in our culdesac.

Colt is exhausting to keep up with right now, he just goes and goes and goes. Its nonstop all day long, he does take a nap for about 1.5-2 hours everyday and then he is usually in bed about 8 but he is still waking up almost every morning before 6. I am tired, tired, tired. Especially because Colt usually wakes up at least once a night and comes in wanting to sleep with us (we just put him back in bed) and then Jax still does wake up occasionally around 3:00 to eat as well. I have tried to let Jax cry it out because I know he can sleep longer but he usually just cries and cries for an hour and then I just give up and give him what he wants.

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