Friday, October 2, 2009

Di Di's Birthday

My mom's birthday was today. I took the boys to her classroom this morning as a surprise and brought her a Dutch Bros. coffee (her favorite). Since it was raining the kids had indoor recess and Colt had so much fun running around her classroom and giving her students high fives.
We went over to my parents for dinner that night. My dad made salmon that was to die yummy! I made a bruschetta appetizer and my grandma made a yummy squash. After dinner we had the most delicious chocolate cake that I had made (twice). The first time I got one of the pans too full and it overflowed all over my oven. I had to make it again the next day but it was well worth it. My mom loved it!

Blowing out the candles. Of course Colt wanted to help, he loves doing that!

She loves her boys!!

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The Keatts Family said...

Okay, your cake turned out VERY beautiful. I'm going to have to step it up next time I make it!